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I offer a range of services in a safe, non-judgmental space these offerings


Life, Business and Sober Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Integral Eye Movement Therapy,

Walking and Talking Therapy, Morning and Evening Meditation and Mindfulness.

Building community and supporting each other with group sessions. 

All offerings can be facilitated

 either 1-2-1, online, distance, in your own home and group sessions.

Bespoke Business Coaching and Wellbeing in the Workplace packages can be created. Lead by your needs and requirements, creating an inclusive, safe, effective and creative culture. Encouraging "safe conversations" and wellness for the workforce.

 With nearly two decades of experience as a guiding light in various professional landscapes, I am now embarking on a fresh adventure as a Life Coach and Wellbeing Practitioner at Open House.


Throughout my career, I've honed my craft in empowering individuals and teams to reach their goals. Achieving their career, Leadership, Management and Business potential. Finding their passion so that they want to wake up and go to work, making work a great place to be. 

From my own  challenges and experiences in life and business, I'm passionate about connecting with others and helping them to grow and discover their true potential. Allow me to guide you on this journey of self-mastery and create the life you desire and deserve. 

My unique approach combines a range of therapies and modalities to help guide and facilitate change, creativity, discovery and self-mastery. As each one of us is unique with our own resourcefulness and experiences I will  create an experience that works for you with you.

 Join me on this journey to transform your life and reach your fullest potential.


The life you desire awaits you,

Much love, Lou 

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